About Us

Desire AdMedia is a global advertising company in helping both small and premium websites in providing quality traffic and quality advertisements. We always ensure that all our clients are satisfied with our work by focusing on delivering desired results. Desire AdMedia touches digital media ecosystem in every aspect and we work on wide variety of business goals

You will love to be our customer. We promise you that with our quality and transparency.

We make your job easy. With Ivey league and top management consultants working for us, we provide you simple solutions to your complex advertising and ROI problems. We believe in quality and yield.


Our team helps in boosting your revenue

Would you rather visit a site with an incredibly beautiful ad which fits in the design or a site with annoying bunch the banana ads? If you prefer the better ad experience, we are a fit for you. If you are just for making quick money, we are definitely not a right fit. Through our International sales team, we attract top tier advertisers and high value branding programs. We stand ready to deliver the creative campaigns our publisher sites deserve.


Maximize Impression Yield, Minimize Impression Waste

Each impression is an opportunity to monetize content. Through our relationships and technologies, we maximize impression value for our publishers’ ad space. Additionally, similar to how our logo is diverse with colours, we believe in a noise free ad environment. This applies to all publisher impressions. We work hard to completely fill every piece of available space like a real estate.


Hands-On service from an expert team

We believe in providing a high level of service to each of our publisher partners. We are happy to walk each publisher through everything from tagging basics to advanced optimizations to help improve a publisher’s bottom line. Additionally, with our ever evolving portal, we continue to employ technological solutions to deliver a powerful network experiences.

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