Campaign Optimization

Desire AdMedia uses effective tools and techniques to provide optimum results for premium and remnant inventory on exchanges. With the help of tools we use both the analytics and data processing to identify performing impressions that are truly valuable to the buyers. Our models use various techniques and buys valuable impressions that fit your brand reach based on bid optimization algorithm which is valued by most of the buyers.

Intelligent Marketing

Audience targeting is one of the superficial way to drive your brand to engage the users in real time. This way it measures the interest levels of a user and users who showed interest can be targeted again through behavioral targeting campaigns. This ensures ROI goals and satisfaction of the advertiser. Our algorithms provide you cost effective solutions, not by providing you cheap as space by providing higher yield to publishers through quality reach of target audience.

The ad is delivered in time with correct impression to the interested user which will lead to the successful Audience targeting campaign. We have our own segments and 3rd party segments if you would like to reach your brand to engage further in a single interface.

We have integrated with all the major real time bidding (RTB) exchanges to provide you access to the global audience.

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