Control Over the Campaign

Desire AdMedia’s capabilities not only safe guard your brand but also

  • Run performance based campaigns through different methodologies i.e CPM, CPC and CPA.
  • Optimize your campaigns to improve your ROI!
  • Geo-targeting: Target your ads to specific country, state, DMA, and ZIP
  • Run of network and Run of Site specific targeting.
  • URL filtering
  • Targeted through different content verticals
  • Multiple click-fraud and impressions-fraud detection mechanisms
  • Frequency and Click capping on hourly, daily and lifetime.
  • Day parting
  • Browser, line speed and OS tracking
  • Domain and language tracking

Real Time Reporting

Once the campaign is live, we provide logins to our portal. You can view the statistics in real-time for variables like impressions clicked and conversions. Additionally our graphs allow you to see the statistics for any desired date range. All our reports can be exported to XLS, CSV etc.

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