The key challenge in online advertising is to measure and deliver your brand to the maximum audience. Transparency is high priority we show to our advertisers in providing support on measuring the reach and performance of the campaigns.

In today’s world, online industry is focused on finding highest quality audience reach across the web. Hence we have built an effective media investment ensuring each and every dollar is spent on brand safety and audience protection.

Key Goals

Media Planning

We initiate every campaign with Media planning which plays key role in analyzing numbers, competitors and the sites we agree to place your ads. Additionally our consultants help in preparing your banners, landing pages, placing pixels and also tracking after launching the campaign.

Needs for Metrics

Numerous campaigns fail in the media buying in taking the campaign live as blind. Our experts help you to understand the exact needs and the variety of target audience. We use our expertise techniques to help you understand the numbers. Our portal helps you to identify the performance metrics, project the feasibility of your campaigns like Campaign duration, Average CPM, CTR etc.

Picking Right Strategy

Display advertising is majorly two approaches. One way is to buy inventory from few chosen websites with huge traffic to reach your target audience pool. The other way is to buy your target audience across the web.

In the media planning we strategize with thorough research and select to display your ads. Buying of audience can be achieved by contextual strategy through behavior or by retargeting through first party behavioral data.

If we chose right strategy based on the context, both strategies are result oriented. We help in taking you through various test runs to ensure you are confident before launching live campaign.

Reaching your target audience through numerous publishers is cost effective, but its time taking and difficult process. Our experts are more than happy to help you more on this.

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