Inventory Optimization

Our strategic consultants help you in achieving maximum yield in your inventory. We optimize!

Our experts of quality assurance team will use special strategies to drive you quality ads and help in boosting revenues. We help you to make more money for each impression.

Large tunnel of global advertising campaign’s

We coordinate with major Real time bidding (RTB), Adexchanges, AdNetworks, Trading Desk and Demand partners to make sure you get a rich landscape of Ad campaigns. We put every impression in an auction environment and this helps you in considering only from the highest demand partner. This increases your yield and hence you get boosted revenues.

Our advanced modeling techniques compare help in defining various inventory strategies, and reveal your optimal direction. Desire AdMedia inventory management system works both strategically and tactically to produce smarter decisions on inventory policies and target right audience advertisers are looking for.

Below is the IABSpain diagram explains clearly how programmatic buying works from investment by an advertiser till the ad reached the targeted audience and this way it was wrapped in data and metrics.

Brand Control

We know that your brand is how important to you implies to us. Our quality assurance team checks on regular intervals and automated tool check 24*7 for quality and desired content. We believe in Quality and in Enriching your brand.

Reports & Insights

Our analytics platform is a centralized user interface which provides you possible insights in real time. These help in auto scheduling.

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