Higher revenues with least effort! Your maximum yield is just a click away!

Desire AdMedia brings the best out of your genuine content. Does your website has genuine content? Your impressions are sizeable and scaling? You need experts who can complement your growth. Our experts will analyze your entire content and prepares a proposal on how best we can optimize your website. Our strategic consulting helps to boost your revenues with the relevant and targeted ads.

We show you Rome when you are in Rome. We make sure your site holds relevant ads which will fit naturally into your website. We make sure your website look and feel is not effected.

With us you get freedom to choose the ads you like.

We strategically partnered with world’s leading ad serving innovators to provide you world class Display, Mobile and Video advertising.

Wide Range of Solutions!

Optimization and Yield are the success factors we believe. Our experts help in providing maximum yield for your website through best monetization practices for your traffic. Your ROI excites us.

We support various models, but our popular and growing models are

  1. CPM
  2. CPC
  3. CPA (CPL, CPS, CPD and CPI)

We believe in giving choice and freedom to Publishers to pick the model suitable for them. If you feel like customizing our models, we are happy to help.

Global Reach

We are a 100% fill adnetwork. We work with wide range of advertisers to make sure that every adspace gets filled. We support more than 50 languages.

Higher CPM’s

It’s not easy to provide higher CPM’s in the era of competitive global advertising landscape. But, our system always display highest CPM rate to help you maximize your yield. That’s our USP. There is huge chance of generating higher rates for both premium and remnant inventory and this is our strong value proposition.

Transparent Pricing Model

Our customers love us for that as we have transparent pricing model either by revenue share or by fixed CPM’s and we purely disclose our revenues to the clients.

Payment Terms and Methods

Desire AdMedia pay’s in time on what we have agreed to pay you and we have flexible payment terms for all our premium publishers. Invoice to be raised individually for each month subject to the amounts we owe you. We use different models to process your payments i.e Cheque, PayPal and wire transfer. We are having a minimum payment threshold of $25 to process your payments and we do not hold back any of your payments.

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